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Yureka Sdn Bhd

Yureka Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1999 , grew from a small research and development (R & D ) , to become the current leading manufacturer and agent for Rubber ,Engineering Plastic, PTFE, Loctite and Adhesive products in the center of Malaysia .

Yureka Sdn. Bhd. has many significant creative and technological breakthroughs through the years .

Yureka Sdn Bhd.has serving many companies from Small Medium Industries (SMI) to Multinational Industry (MNI),like Proton , APM , Panasonic , Upha pharmaceutical , Nestle group etc.. , Yureka 's products outfit to industry ranging from food , packaging , automotive , electronics , telecommunication , pharmaceutical , as well as semiconductor , military industry .

Yureka Sdn Bhd. committed to continuously upgrading its products quality and product range to effectively compete in the global market .

Following are the range of products that Yureka involved .

Silicone Rubber

* High Temperature. * Chemical Resistance  * Food Grade (FDA approved)


* Chemical Resistance  * High Temperature Plastic  * Non-stick Plastic

Engineering Adhesive for high bonding stength , threadlock , Potting Epoxy , conformal coating silicone , Instant adhesive , sealing , retaining application . Having own fomulation and R & D for special requirement .

Brands :

 Rubber Sheet  

Material range : 

O ring/Seal/Gasket

Various sizes based on the mould available .