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 From simple 'O' rings to intricate precision mouldings, Yureka uses only quality materials and tooling to guarantee peak performance of components.

The silicones are a group of elastomeric materials made from silicone, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. Silicones possess excellent resistance to temperature extremes, Flexibility below - 175 degrees F (- 114 degrees C) has been demonstrated. The maximum temperature at which silicones are recommended for continuous service in dry air is 450 degrees F (232 degrees C). Silicone's retention of properties at these high temperatures is superior to other elastic materials, Silicone compounds are not normally recommended for dynamic sealing applications due to relatively low strength and high coefficient of friction. Many silicone compounds have a higher than normal mold shrinkage that results in finished parts being under mold shrinkage when produced in standard molds.

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